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What We Do

We work for you - and with you - to identify critical risk behaviors and substance abuse/misuse issues that threaten the health and development of our community. Together, we can remove barriers that prevent behavioral change, helping each of us become educated, empowered and aware.


We provide parents, guardians and educators with resources on substance use/misuse, addiction, tobacco, vaping and other behaviors that have a destructive effect on our community.

Our work addresses community wellness in the areas of mental health, addiction, suicide, depression and co-occurring disorders.

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Using proven methodologies and innovative strategies, we provide services and operate projects that are localized, specific and designed to assist our community with wellness and prevention.

We facilitate surveys within local school systems that provide valuable data as part of the national Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS).


We partner with local businesses and organizations to provide speakers for a wide range of topics related to wellness. We have a long history of speaking in schools, churches, civic groups and at conferences.

Our partnerships also include consulting, collaborating and sponsoring. In addition, we work with human resource departments who are encouraging their workforce to volunteer and serve their community.

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Our student leadership initiative assists youth in developing life skills needed to lead them into a successful future.

We provide internship and experience opportunities to college-level young adults.

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Student Presentation
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